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One time / Deep Cleaning Services

At The MagiCleanMaid, we know the inclinations of each property holder will distinct, which is the reason we gladly offer our flexible cleaning programs. Regardless of whether you require us to drop by before an extraordinary occasion, wash your home before the vacation, or even clean before you move in or after you move out, we can offer assistance. With the use of our green cleaning products or regular cleaning products (you can make your choice), our well trained cleaning experts deep-clean your home from A to Z.

Deep Cleaning Checklist

Usually our team will start a work from this area focusing on your counter tops, appliances, stove, refrigerator, floor, sink and etc...

Our team gives plenty of attention to the bathroom, since it's a dirtiest place in a house. We clean and wash floor, scrub shower walls and fixtures, scrub bathtub and faucet, empty trash, wipe down mirrors, scrub and wash toilet, scrub countertops and sink faucet, wipe down cabinets.

The holy place of the house is your bedroom. Give our group a chance to make it look wonderful. We will make your bed, vacusum the carpet, wash the floor, clean furniture, lamps and etc...

Living room
Remove cobwebs from ceiling and light fixtures, dust ceiling fan, top of cabinets/bookshelvs, wash ligt switches, door and skirting boards, clean TV and dust electronic, wipe over table and chairs, vacuum and wash the floor.

One time Deep Cleaning Services MagiCleanMaid San Diego, CAContact Us now and we will make your home bright and clean. Let our professional team from MagiCleanMaid quality cleaning services provide you with the best deep cleaning services.

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