How to eliminate mold from your home

Cleaning of roofs and canals
One of the hiding places of the mold is in the obstructed gutters or in the upper part of the roofs. Leaves and other wet debris can remain trapped and stagnant, providing a mold-like place to rot and grow.

Beware of composting stacks
If you have a pile of compost, keep it away from the house to prevent mold spores from entering the house through the basement or walls. If you are moving the compost pile, be sure to wear a protective mask to avoid inhaling toxic molds released into the air. (more…)

Cleaning Pet Hair from Your Home

Cleaning Pet Hair from Your Home MagiCleanMaidPet hair spreads everywhere. There is no reason for how it ended up in the fridge, or even inside the parcel that the postman just handed over. Static electricity and low humidity (January and February!) make the problem of annoying hair of pets worse. If one can mitigate these two factors, the fur will become less of a problem. We do not exchange our pets for anything, and their beloved attention and company are worth the hairballs. Every pet owner knows that he simply accepts it as a fact of life, but we do not have to lie down and take it: we can find a solution! There are actions you can take to reduce fuzz and simple ways to clean it. When your beloved pet is at home, you probably cannot remove every piece of pet hair. However, following these tips can be of great help to eliminate as much fur as possible. (more…)

Effective Speed Cleaning Techniques For Everyone

Effective Speed Cleaning Techniques For EveryoneWhat is the big deal about speed cleaning? The big deal about speed cleaning is that that time is a non-renewable resource. And so once that time is gone you never get that time back. Now, because time is a non-renewable resource, you only have so much of it every day. And so if you’re very slow at cleaning your house you might spend all day cleaning it. It sounds very obvious but you don’t want to skip stuff and you don’t want to be sloppy. The process of speed cleaning is to do everything once, fast and efficiently. And to stop cleaning when something is clean. Here are a speed cleaning tips from professional cleaners and you can clean your house like a maid. (more…)

The Importance Of Eco-Friendly Products

The Importance Of Eco Friendly ProductsOur belief is, if you use eco-friendly green cleaning products, that’s an awesome way to healthy living. If you do not use them and you’re waiting to use them, then whatever you have is better than not using anything at all. We are not a fan of toxic chemicals however we always tell our green customers on the first clean that is not going to be so green the first time. After that there’s no problem, we clean with eco-friendly green cleaning products. (more…)

Top Cleaning Tips & Tricks For A Bright Home

Best Home Cleaning Tips & Tricks 2017 MagiCleanMaidHome cleaning it has never been an easy task. People always look for the best solution; How to clean Tile Grout? What is the best way to clean grout? How to clean the bathroom? How to clean the kitchen? And now you will find out some of the best tips and tricks how to clean tiles, tile grouts and anything around your house. It’s going to make cleaning not only your grout but your kitchen, your bathroom, your laundry room and any place in your house, you name it. So, in order to remain safe from the chemical and maintain the clean home, here are some natural recipes of cleaners for you. The recipes are free from toxic chemicals and will not create any hazardous vapors while cleaning. It’s so much easier, quicker, and better to prepare and the ingredients are quite affordable and cheap. (more…)

31 Clever Ways To Organize All The Small Things!

31 Clever Ways To Organize All The Small Things!Another organizing ideas you might need more than you think. It’s simple and easy to follow and get some awesome ideas for your house.

Arts & Crafts

1. Group your yarn by color on an unused wall-mounted wine rack.

2. Sort small office supplies into muffin cups. More stylish than plastic drawer dividers.

3.) Separate colored pencils, markers or crayons by color by taping together old Crystal Lite containers. (more…)

Is This Standard to Wash Dishes and Do Laundry at a Client’s House?

Clients Expectation

MagiCleanMaid dish washingA lot of times clients expect professional cleaners or maids services to wash the dishes and do their laundry. And you don’t know if it’s expected or not. How did you make an agreement with the client? So in case you’re going to clean somebody’s home, and their expectations are not quite the same as yours, there is a huge issue. The problem is; When you went to do your initial walk-through with a client, you did not specify the difference between daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly chores. So there’s a whole different set of chores based on the frequency of when they need to be done. So when you’re showing up to someone’s house what is it, they’re expecting? Are they expecting to pay you to do their daily chores? Which include washing dishes, washing the laundry and doing all these things? Or are they paying you to do by weekly chores which are the dusting the baseboards, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning out the toilet and all those other things? So as the business owner you get to decide. (more…)

Top 10 Best Tips For a Clean Home!

Tip # 1

MagiCleanMaid green cleaning serviceMake your bed every morning no matter what. Always leave yourself an extra three minutes in the morning to give yourself time to make your bed. Even if the rest of your room is not in perfect condition having a made bed makes it look so much better and tidy and gives a relaxing vibe to your bedroom. (more…)

How to start a cleaning business with no money? Real!

How to start a cleaning business with no money? Real! There are a lot of people that ask that question every single day. How do I open my own cleaning business? How can I start my own cleaning company on the cheap? How do you do that? Now, in a perfect world you would be able to start a business with no money, and no research, and no experience, and all those things. Right? That would be perfect. But what kind of business would you end up with? It would be like trying to cook a meal with no ingredients, and no recipes, and no history of how to cook. You would make something, and it might turn out, but probably won’t. And the same goes for your business. (more…)